Zombits vs Humbits

20,000 crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain


All Projects that are developed by us follow a clear philosophy. We will also follow this with the project “Zombits vs Humbits”.
Fun is key!
Fun, excitement and surprise in a good way are at the heart of our development. Everyone should have lasting pleasure from their Zombits and Humbits by using them for different games and/or adventures. Our goal is, that every owner highly identifys with his/hers Zombits and Humbits. This is NOT just another PFP-Project.
NFT are investments.
Nevertheless, NFT projects are also assets where you invest money and have a vested interest in an increase in value or a regular possibility of payouts. We are your partner to increase you invest.
Thought through revenue streams.
The concept of Zombits vs. Humbits will incorporate several revenue streams for Zombits and Humbits holders to ensure, that the value of each Zombit and Humbit will increase but also to give you the chance to also earn money on a regular basis.
Improving step by step.
Moving forward along the roadmap the possibilities around this project will step by step grow to increase the fun around Zombits & Humbits and of course make Zombits and Humbits more valuable.


Find the detail progress of our roadmap development here

  • Design and mint 10,000 Zombits

    10,000 Zombits were algorithmically generated by combining five pseudo-random features: head, eyes, mouth, suit, and skin.

    Each combination resulted in a unique Zombit design, which were pre-minted on the Cardano blockchain using some pre-smart-contract magic.

    You can explore all Zombits with the Explorer.

  • Create social media presence

    We didn't stop there! We knew we had to become more present on social media to get our Zombits out to the world.

    We worked tirelessly to build a following on platforms like Discord , Twitter , Instagram to validate the project and grow as a community.

  • 🚀 Launch Zombits

     Zombit Launch Zombits

    On 29 August 2021 at 5pm EST, Zombits launched. Almost all 10,000 NFTs were sold out in 22 minutes!

    Fun fact! Due to technical difficulties, we had to send out all sold Zombits semi-manually over the following 24 hours.

  • 🚀 Launch Humbits

    Humbit Launch Humbits

    The Humbits are preparing for war, and were hit the battlefield sunday October 17th. 10.000 Humbit NFTs where launched.

  • New Team takes over Zombits vs. Humbits

    A new team took over the project, because we like it and we see a lot of potential. Fun, excitement and surprise in a good way are at the heart of our project development. Everyone should have lasting pleasure from their Zombits and Humbits by using them for different games and/or adventures. Zombits vs. Humbits is NOT just another PFP-Project.

  • Revision of existing concept and development

    Revising the existing project progress. In order to build something on top we have to get some ground work done as well.

  • Explorer 2.0

    Rework the existing explorer in order to be ready for the Zombit vs. Humbit game. Have a look at our new Explorer.

  • The Okmok-Milestone

    Presenting the rough concept of the game “Zombits vs. Humbits” including:

    1. the core battle mechanic of the game
    2. Zombits in-game abilities
    3. Humbits in-game abilities
  • The Rabaul-Milestone

    Publishing the Whitepaper of this project with the detailed concept of the game “Zombits vs. Humbits” including:

    1. detailed fight mechanics
    2. play to earn mechanics
    3. graphics
    and a general outlook for the whole project!

  • The Etna-Milestone

    The epic fight of Zombits vs Humbits is starts.

    At this milestone a competitive game will be released, where you can battle each other with your Zombits and Humbits. First we will start with a rather simple game that is fun and entertaining. This includes:

    1. Stats and skills based on the traits of your Zombits or Humbits
    2. Turn based battles where your skill is also needed
    3. Fight against other Zombits Player and NPCs

  • The Cotopaxi-Milestone

    Introduction of Equipments for your Zombits & Humbits

    Equipment tokens will enable you to enhance your Zombits and Humbits and your teams. Fights will get more diverse, more challenging and also more surprising.

    1. Drop of Equipment Items
    2. Using these items in the game
    3. Trading equipment items to enhance your Zombits & Humbits

  • The Tongariro-Milestone

    Introduction of Zombits vs. Humbits Arena

    The Arena will be your battleground, you can adjust your battleground and set teams that perform better in their arena.

    1. Introduction of Arena Fight
    2. Rankings
    3. Building your team of Zombits & Humbits
  • The Popocatepetl-Milestone

    Introduction of a betting system to bet on Zombits vs. Humbits fights

    We will introduce a gamble environment, where you can bet on your own fights or fights of other players. This will enable another revenue-stream for all players.