Zombits vs Humbits

20,000 crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain


All Projects that are developed by us follow a clear philosophy. We will also follow this with the project “Zombits vs Humbits”.
Fun is key!
Fun, excitement and surprise in a good way are at the heart of our development. Everyone should have lasting pleasure from their Zombits and Humbits by using them for different games and/or adventures. Our goal is, that every owner highly identifys with his/hers Zombits and Humbits. This is NOT just another PFP-Project.
NFT are investments.
Nevertheless, NFT projects are also assets where you invest money and have a vested interest in an increase in value or a regular possibility of payouts.
Thought through revenue streams.
The concept of Zombits vs. Humbits will incorporate several revenue streams for Zombits and Humbits holders to ensure, that the value of each Zombit and Humbit will increase but also to give you the chance to also earn money on a regular basis.
Improving step by step.
Moving forward along the roadmap the possibilities around this project will step by step grow to increase the fun around Zombits & Humbits and of course make Zombits and Humbits more valuable.


Find the detail progress of our roadmap development here.


Interested in how our game works and how the mechanics are intended? Read our whitepaper.