10,000 crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain


Humbits and Zombits are NFT projects of 10,000 unique crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain.

Only 10,000 Humbits and 10,000 Zombits are in existence, and each of them is unique in its own way — no two look the same.

With each Humbit and Zombit comes a unique set of traits. Each trait has a specific rarity, making some collectibles rarer than others.

Start collecting now!

Zombits Policy ID: ad6290066292cfeef7376cd575e5d8367833ab3d8b2ac53d26ae4ecc
Humbits Policy ID: d44cba92bdb8e40360c3979cdc2cf289cdc3aed44e4f3f2bf8aa6def


To buy a Humbit, click the BUY NOW button above once the countdown has ended.

Choose how many Humbits you'd like, and send the exact amount of ADA shown to the Cardano address shown.

If you send an incorrect amount, the amount (minus the transaction fee) will be automatically refunded.

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Never send ADA from an exchange!

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Humbits and Zombits were minted using a time-locked policy, meaning that no more Humbits or Zombits can be created (minted) or destroyed (burned) after a certain amount of time.

That certain amount of time has passed for Zombits, and all 10,000 Zombits have been minted, meaning there will only ever be one of each 10,000 Zombits!

Therefore, by definition, all Zombits are NFTs.

You can view both the Zombits minting policy, and the Humbits minting policy.

The metadata for each Humbit and Zombit are on-chain. The metadata contains IPFS links in order to keep the Humbits and Zombits immutable and retrievable forever.

The metadata are in the minting transactions of the tokens. To see an example, view the Zombits minting transaction or any of the Humbits minting transactions, scroll down to the metadata tab, and click on the metadata.


    10,000 Zombits were algorithmically generated by combining five pseudo-random features: head, eyes, mouth, suit, and skin.

    Each combination resulted in a unique Zombit design, which were pre-minted on the Cardano blockchain using some pre-smart-contract magic.

    You can explore all Zombits with the Zombit Explorer.

    We didn't stop there! We knew we had to become more present on social media to get our Zombits out to the world.

    We worked tirelessly to build a following on platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram to validate the project and grow as a community.

    On 29 August 2021 at 5pm EST, Zombits launched. Almost all 10,000 NFTs were sold out in 22 minutes!

    Fun fact! Due to technical difficulties, we had to send out all sold Zombits semi-manually over the following 24 hours.

    The journey of Zombits shall continue! We're introducing 10,000 Humbit NFTs, each designed with its unique set of traits.

    Why, you ask? Humbits will play a crucial role in the upcoming Humbits vs. Zombits game; some Humabits will have different in-game abilities than others.

    The Humbits are preparing for war, and will drop this Sunday (October 17th) at 5pm EST!

    Let the development begin!

    We'll be busy designing the game and writing Cardano smart contracts to get our Humbits vs. Zombits game onto the Cardano blockchain.

    The game will have a rock-paper-scissors style gameplay (think Pokémon battles). A Zombit owner will be paired up with a Humbits owner randomly, and each player will be assigned three random weapons. The players will choose which weapon they want to use against their opponent, and the winner with stronger weapon wins.

    Players will receive certain benefits throughout the game based on the players' rarity, so rarer Zombits/Humbits may have more of an advantage.

    Players will need to place ADA bets before participating in the game. Bets from the loser will be transferred to the winner.

    Once development of the game is done and tested, we'll launch it on the Cardano blockchain.

    Probably not last, and definitely not least — the Zombits stake pool!

    May or may not have a lottery system, where prizes (ADA or NFTs) are distributed to delegators randomly (in addition to their rewards)...

    Rewards from pool operation may or may not be used to fund giveaways, lotteries, tournaments, etc...

    ...no promises, TBD. 👀

More to come... Stay tuned for announcements!

Subject to change


Only 10,000 Humbits and 10,000 Zombits will ever exist backed by a time-locked policy. No two Humbits or Zombits are alike, and each collectible has a unique set of features, making some more valuable than others.

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